Uber found out that he was investigating the case against the former CIA staff

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Antitrust methodUber's Travis-Calanic CEO was filed a lawsuit in December 2015 as a price operation that violates Uber, Uber asked the security company to investigate the lawsuit and used the former CIA staff It turned out that the investigation was proceeding.

How Uber secretly investigated its legal foes - and got caught | The Verge

Uber hired former CIA officer in probe of lawsuit opponent

In accordance with documents filed by the plaintiff's defense attorney, Andrew Schmidt in the court, in December 2015, after filing a lawsuit against Uber's Karanic CEO, Mr. Schmidt and his friend called from a suspicious person It seems to have come in. The person tried to withdraw Schmidt et al. "To create a professional profile of lawyers specializing in labor issues in the US" and to draw out various information. Mr. Schmidt asked Karanic's lawyer the relationship with the suspicious phone because the phone from the suspicious person came up to the plaintiffs, but Karanic's lawyer denied "We have nothing to do with it" Did.

However, one month later, Karanic's lawyer called up Mr. Schmidt and said, "The previous remarks that said it is irrelevant are wrong." It is clear that Uber was investigating Mr. Schmidt and plaintiffs who filed lawsuits with private security companies.


According to Judge Judge Rakuff, a federal judge who is a judge in the court struggle of both, Uber was asking for a survey by a security company called Ergo, Uber said, "It is the security of the Caranic CEO ' Ergo's lawyer said that the request from Uber was not for protecting Karanic's CEO but for investigating why plaintiffs filed lawsuits and the like. In addition, it turned out that Mr. Todd Ajeland, who was in charge of CIA until 2008, was responsible for the investigation upon receiving a request from Uber.

Uber's in-house e-mail regarding this incident has also been submitted, and Uber's adviser Mr. Sally Yeo sent e-mail to the company's chief security officer "I would like to know more about plaintiffs that filed lawsuits" I already know. In addition, it is said that a mail indicating that there was an exchange between Uber and Ergo was also revealed.

Federal judge Raqueroff illegally got information by erroneous investigator of Ergo hired by Uber in falsely falsifying plaintiff and Schmidt's investigation and condemned Uber when it hits judicial disturbance. Uber said that in a contract with Ergo it is stated that the survey adheres to the law and Karanic including our company has not been told that the investigator is going to conduct acts that may touch the law " It is.

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