Fight until you destroy opponent The ultra-radical robot battle "BattleBots" will unleash some of the best names

A popular program on the ABC TV network in the United States "BattleBots"The name game to overwhelm the viewer was unfolded. The battle that pulls the opponent's robot by the self-made battle robot to the complete absence is a hot content like a professional wrestling remnant that remains as a legend.

Blacksmith vs. Minotaur - BattleBots - YouTube

A green light on the ring lights up, and a 3-minute battle starts.

A black flat robot in the foreground was created by the RioBotz team "Minotaur". Team Half Fast Astronaut team's "Blacksmith"While exploring opportunities with each other, they explore opponents.

Suddenly, Blacksmith lifted the flame like a bullshit and started attacking.

Blacksmith 's weapon is a hammer attached to the upper part of the fuselage. After filling up the opportunity with the opponent ......

Shake down the hammer "Bun!" And give damage to the opponent. Its appearance is exactly like "Blacksmith" which freely manipulates iron with flame and tusk.

On the other hand, Minotaur is designed to rotate the roller "drum spinner" mounted in front of the fuselage at high speed to damage the opponent's body.

Minotaur's pilot is this expression.

The Minotaur drum spinner also looks tough with the Blacksmith iron armor that hardened around the fuselage. Blackotmith pushed Guigui and his opponent to the wall aside as a result of Minotaur's drum spinner being idle with an armor ......

Hit with Dogan. However, this shock seems to have been woven in together, and it seems that it does not work as well.

Please note that it is possible to add hammer attacks from around the ring as well.

Likewise, large damage is inevitable if it is caught in saw teeth of a drill installed on the ring side. By doing so, the spark will start to fall from the aircraft. Apparently, Minotaur drum spinner began to make fangs ...? Is it?

Push Blacksmith 's momentary ski and rush from diagonally forward towards the weak point of the guard Minotaur! Then ...

Blacksmith 's huge aircraft dances in the air with a huge amount of sparks and a sound of "GAIN!"!

Apparently, Minotaur's body blow attack seemed to have caused fraying in defense of the steel wall of Blacksmith. The front guard who did not give a ski is about to get out.

Blacksmith again flew as fun as Minotaur attack! It seems that Minotaur found a way to break through a strong guard.

Blacksmith is not a defensive one, but if you do not see it, you will see opportunities for counterattacks. Sometimes it shows a clean hit of the hammer.

Show it at the ring corner, literally flickering Spreading do!

As a result, Blacksmith 's metal guard was blown off!

Blacksmith who lost the guard, falling into a situation will fall into a situation where he mercilessly takes a Minotaur drum spinner. The appearance of fear of Minotaur keeps increasing the spark by adding attacks without any handling.

A pilot of Blacksmith who asks for a chance with a cool look

Blacksmith 's willingness to lose his guard while losing his guard. One scene in which the word "attack is the greatest defense" is most suited.

The trend gradually comes to Minotaur. Black saith appearing saddened by the spinner bouncing up and playing in the air like a figure skating player is sad.

Even if you lose the guard, even if the aircraft is turned over, Blacksmith still will not give up the counterattack.

And the moment of shock came. A hammer of Blacksmith who swung down to Minotaur ... ...

As a result of repeated damage, what a wonderful situation that it will break apart!

The live seat was excited too much for this.

The appearance of Blacksmith who does not try to stop fighting despite the fierce fuselage.

Nonetheless, the pilot of Minotaur which bare fighting spirit. This is the one scene of the beautiful struggle over the whole body.

Scattering sparks. Evidence that the body of Blacksmith is being shaved little by little.

Nevertheless, Blacksmith who swings down the arm which lost the hammer. I can not see it anymore ...... Stop someone ... ....

On the other hand, saying, "It is rude to empathize to the other person," Minotaur goes to crush Blacksmith with full power. Raise the spark and push it to the ring side ......

Every two crashes greatly. Just after this happen to Blacksmith, please play the movie and check it directly.

Blacksmith 's appearance of full - bodied, referee of vertical striped uniforms also died and declared "knockout!"

Blacksmith 's pilot smiling after the battle. Is that smile a facial expression overwhelmed by the opponent, or feeling of relief released from hopeless battle?

One Minotaur's pilot is the beast's horse. BattleBots seems to be a battle that can be called true fighting sports, in which adults fight using robots.

BattleBots is a program with the same name "BattleBots" that gained popularity from 2000 to 2002, revived in 2015, and in September 2016 the season 2 after the resurrection is on air.

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There are 32 teams and their robots that are fighting battle in 2016. Each team is aiming for a champion and is fighting a literal death battle to survive the tournament style winning battle.

On the site, introductions of each team are also posted. This time, the members of "Team Half Fast Astronaut" who manipulates Blacksmith who passed away carelessly.

Blacksmith (S2) - BattleBots

And the members of "RioBotz" who manipulates Minotaur who showed power are teams of Rio de Janeiro and Catholic University of Brazil. The pilot who showed that wild beast usually seems to be a mild young man.

Minotaur (S2) - BattleBots

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