"It's an emergency!" McDonald's gets angry with the absence of chicken nuggets and reports to the police many times and is charged with complaints

I heard that a woman was angry at not having a chicken nugget at McDonald 's, repeatedly informed the police, and conversely the case was filed by the police. You can see that this woman's obsession with chicken nuggets is inconclusive.

Details are from the following.
Fort Pierce woman calls 911 three times when McNuggets run out | Audio: St. Lucie County: TCPalm

La Toriosa L. Goodman (27 years old) who visited McDonald's in the city of Fort Pierce in the state of Florida in the United States and Florida finished the order and paid the fee, then the store clerk who stocked the 10 pieces of chicken nugget ordered I was told to McDouble instead of being told.

Goodman, who knew that the chicken nugget has run out, said to the clerk, "If the chicken nugget does not exist, I will give you money." When asked told the clerk, the clerk said "I can not repay it because the settlement has ended" Because he was not refunded, Goodman got angry and he told the police.

The first word the Goodman informed the police was "in an emergency!" The police who heard this were thinking something serious happened, "If I knew there was no chicken nugget, I did not pay the money Even though the clerk's child recommends McDouble, but I did not need McDouble! ", As the story progressed, the policeman was listening to the story as it was, but after that," Emergency It is an emergency situation! "So many times I have been informed that Goodman is to be charged with illegal use of the 911 report.

This is Goodman

Goodman still does not agree with McDonald 's response and is complaining of sufficient repayment.

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