Although I was drunk, I was mistaken for robbery and I could throw money on sales

When he gets into a convenience store with a drunk state, he seems to have some men who were mistaken for convenience robbery and threw money for sales.

After that it was proved that men are not robbers, but after all it was arrested. Why was he arrested?

Details are from the following.
Ananova - Workers mistake drunk for robber

According to this article, there seems to be a case where a strange man (32 years old) at a convenience store in Waterloo, Iowa State, was mistaken as a robber by a clerk and was thrown out a bag containing sales proceeds and it was said that there was an incident that it was kicked out.

In this convenience store, the robbery has been entered in August and September for two consecutive months, the nervous clerks put hands in their pockets and vomited while looking at the drunk man who entered the store and robbery I misunderstood and stuffed the money in the collection bag and threw the collection bag as soon as it says "I will return because money is done." Drunkard seems to have discovered what the hell is somewhat undetected from the convenience store, then stood down near the convenience store with tears, and the police discovered where he was speaking to himself.

It was proved that this drunkard is not a robbery, but he was arrested in the end after being "public intoxication" (excessive drunken behavior in public) "disorderly conduct (security disturbance)". Although it is a crime which is not familiar in Japan very much, there seems to be many states that in the United States there are many misdemeanors if you conduct an act of disturbing the morning like getting drunk in a public place.

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