Robbery stuck in the window and it became immovable, found in a figure with his pants lowered

It is said that Portugal was the case that the robber who tried to sneak into the supermarket got stuck in the window and could not move and was arrested. When discovered, the robber is not wearing trousers for some reason, a strange sight that a lower body of one pants comes out from the wall has been photographed.

Details are as below.
Romanian caught with his pants down during alleged burglary

The 22-year-old Romanian man was arrested. It seems that he tried to break into the supermarket from the window, but it seems that the size of the window got stuck and got stuck. The man was to be discovered by the super owner who came in after 11 hours. The man discovered did not put on the pants and seems to have escaped while trying to escape from the window.

Later, the man was released from the window after a 2 hour rescue work by the fire brigade.
Thief caught with his pants down

And a man arrested by the police. It seems that the trousers have correctly repaired.

Since the lower body of the pants shape is growing from the wall, I feel that it will not be strange even if it is discovered earlier, but I wonder if it was too strange to think that it was suspicious.

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