A movie to throw a bicycle on board and thwart a thief running away with a scooter with full power

ChineseWenzhouA man who witnessed the moment when a thief who got on a scooter wanted to pull a woman's handbag was a picture captured by a surveillance camera that monitors the scene to throw a bicycle on board a thief and prevent the getaway.

Does it make people take such actions when a person who can not pretend looks witnesses the moment of retraction and is riding a bicycle?

Details are as below.
A man riding a bicycle discovers pulling

Where you are going down the bicycle and seeing the situation

I slowly lift the bicycle that I had been riding the main line.

And I thrust my bicycle thoroughly to a scooter who is riding two people.

Hit the scooter brilliantly. Scattering falling while scattering sparks.

The thief also runs in a hurry and is about to escape, so it seems that there are no major injuries. Click here for the movie playback.
YouTube - Chinese Man Throws Bicycle at Thieves on Scooter!

※ Because it is dangerous, please never imitate it.

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