Man who was overweight and no-pan, arrested trousers torn during shopping

A man who was shopping without paying undoubtedly underwear without underwear that matched because of overweight seemed to have been arrested for obscene sins because pants were torn during shopping.

Details are as below.
Italian lower-body exposed man, lawsuit rejected in consideration of 'circumstances' Judgment international news: AFPBB News

According to this article, a man who did not have underwear fitted because of being overweight went to buy underwear without wearing pants, where the pants seemed to have broken severely in the rhythm that reached the shelves is.

As a result, the lower body was exposed, and a surprised female customer shouted, he was arrested publicly as an obscene acting offense to the police officer who came running. However, for this case, the court has declared a judgment on dismissal of appeals as not being able to ask for an obscene sin and saying it can not be said that it was against morality.

It is not just the fact that the trousers were torn and embarrassed, it is just being stepped on or kicked, considering that they have been arrested ... This is ...

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