A woman leaving a celebrity's signature as a tattoo in her body

People who are collecting autographs of their favorite celebrities may not be not uncommon, but in England there are people who engrave with signs on their bodies and tattoo them. Although there is an advantage that it does not lose as long as it is alive, it seems to be pretty well prepared to do it.

Details are as below.
The girl with 13 celebrity autographs tattooed on her body - mirror.co.uk

Zoe Wade seems to have a signature by a pen instead of a colored paper etc. when I meet a favorite celebrity. And then he went to the tattoo master so that his signature would remain forever. On Zoe's arms and backAngelina Jolie,Celine Dion,Ron Wood,Kylie MinogueIn addition, waited 12 hours in the rain and got itLionel RichieWhenU2The sign of the carving etc is inscribed.

Zoe, who began collecting signatures for the body six years ago, is currently engraved with 13 signatures.

Kylie MinogueThe sign of.

The EdgeThe sign of.

When he got the sign of Ron Wood, he asked me to write a small letter and forgot to ask me to forget it, but while admitting the size of the character as individuality, "I have a body thin, so I will sign There will be no place to write. "

It takes 4 hours to put one signature. It was Zoe who was collecting signatures since he was 9 years old, but in 2003 he started to leave it as a tattooDeborah HarryIt was from when I got a signature from him and he thought of seeing someone who lined up with an autograph as I did.

Zoe is not particularly interested in stopping the collection of autographs, nowTina TurnerIt seems to want a sign of.

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