Arrested a 19-year-old young mother who got angry when he was powered off and attacked in tacos

A 19 - year - old young man who had missed the power plug of his mother playing Xbox was arrested for attacking in tacos. It is a sad thing that the game before saving was unintentionally interrupted, but did she seem to be angered enough to be arrested?

Details are as below.
MyFox Orlando | Teen charged with assaulting mom with taco

Zachary Moir's mother, who was arrested, called his son because it was supper time, but Zachary stopped the game and did not come down so he went to the room and pulled out the Xbox power plug. Then Zachary who got angry with it said that he had an opportunity to hit the mother away. In addition, a few minutes after the mother returned to the kitchen, Zachary came out of the room and threw the tacos in his face, so the mother who felt fear contacted the police.

Zachary Moir arrested by a mother 's report.

For the police who came, the mother offered to let Zachary be punished. It seems that Zachary currently in prison is calling her mother several times, but her mother does not answer the phone and he hopes to urge reflection in prison for several days. "My son was having trouble with her son who does not work or go to school," he says.

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