The PSP that had been in his pocket suddenly exploded, a 12-year-old boy bears a bang bang

It seems that the accident happened that the PSP which a 12 - year - old boy had put in his pocket suddenly exploded in the United States, owing a burning bite.

The explosion was that the power was enough to pierce the pants.

Details are as below.
Child Burned By Video Game In Pocket - Detroit News Story - WDIV Detroit

According to this article, the 12-year-old boy, Harold who was the victim of the accident, was in school with PSP in his pants' pocket, suddenly the PSP seemed to explode in his pocket. The police officer said the explosion caused a hole in the pants and the boy took a light bite.

And according to the boy, it is said that PSP started to get hot in the pocket gradually rather than it began to overheat at a stroke, when the boy's father exploded, the body was not turned on.

It is clear that the software that was in PSP when it exploded is ironically titled "Burn Out", and the police are still investigating the cause of the explosion now.

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