A movie that kicks a soccer ball with action like a movie

It is a pretty impressive movie that kicks a soccer ball while doing a tremendous acrobatic movement in the action scene level which is done in common action movies and kung fu movies.

If all of the soccer players are at this level, the movie that makes me feel like it will be ridiculous is from the following.
YouTube - Team Ryouko / FIFA Street 3 (Story Of The Year - The Antidote)

DivX Web PlayerIf you put in, you can see high quality movies from the following.

Futbol Callejero - un video online de la categoria Deportes de VideoEnlaces.com, Los mejores videos de YouTube y Google Video

So, what is this movie about, is a viral movie for the promotion of the following games.

FIFA Street 3

The state of the actual game is as follows.

Gametrailers.com - FIFA Street 3 - Exclusive Debut Gameplay

So, unfortunately the ridiculous action itself is a real monster, but the ball is a synthesized thing afterwards (it is so in the comment of the contributor).

Note that this action itself is categoricallyParkourWhat is called. There are also many movies on YouTube, but none of them is a tremendous movement away from this person, there are also examples that are actually being done in the movie action scenes.

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