Fanta's New Flavour "Fanta World California Grapefruit"

This year, CocaCola Japan is releasing some seasonal-limited special flavoured Fantas as the "Fanta World Flavor" series, introducing us unique tastes from all over thye world.

The first instalment of the series "California Grapefruit" is in store now, in usual 500ml PET bottle and canned 240ml "Furufuru Shaker" (bubbly jelly-ish drink) version. Let's take a gulp.
(Japanese)Enjoy Fanta Fanta WORLD

This is the regular 500ml bottle.

"Furufuru Shaker" includes potassium phosphate and gelling agent.

It says "Refrigerate and shake it ten times HARD" on the can but we opened it without shaking in oder to take pictures.

Seems a bit loose. Maybe it got a little shaken by the bumpy road from the shop to our office.

From left to right; "Furufuru Shaker"(not shaken), regular soda, "Furufuru Shaker"(well shaken).

Bubble rises really slowly in the jelly.

As for the taste, it's delicious!! The sweet and sour grapefruit flavour goes well with the fizz.

Japanese sodas are usually less-carbonated than foreign ones and some might consider them too flat, but Fanta is considered one of the stronger sodas in Japan and we think it's bubbly enough for most people.

For those of you who can't afford flying to Japan for Fanta, you can watch awesome Japanese Fanta ads on YouTube.
YouTube - Japanese Fanta Commericals Fantasubbed

The latest TV ad is on the official website. Go to "Fanta WORLD", click "TVCM" and play the video.

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