Hidden hamburgers in pants at McDonalds and a woman who requested another item is arrested

At a McDonald 's in the United States, a woman who requested to have her order pushed into her pants and hidden it and requested another item for free was informed.

It seems that it was Rare that it reached the report in the case like this time, after finding out whether the woman who denies is actually hiding the hamburger in the pants and then arrested.

Details are as below.
Deputies: Woman Shoved Sandwich In Her Pants - Greenville News Story - WYFF Greenville

According to McDonald's employees, Lori Turner, who was supposed to be notified this time, ordered two hamburgers and two coffees, hid one of the hamburgers that came out in his jeans, I heard that I requested another hamburger for free.

Lori Turner who hid a hamburger in his pants.

Later, Lori became quarreling, so the employee reported. The sheriff who arrived at McDonald 's seems to have witnessed Lori shouting obscene words. At this time Lori had made a big stain on the front of the pants, but denied that he hid a hamburger. A woman's clerk came and examined the inside of the clothes, then pulled out the hamburger from the pants and placed it on the police car. Lori caused a smell of alcohol to vomit and it was decided to be arrested for crime of security disturbance acts.

McDonald 's side returned the price to Lori, and it is said that it was decided to file a lawsuit.

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