A man who was mistaken for orders at McDonald's struck with a car

A man who was frustrated that a French fries ordered at McDonald 's did not come out attacked a McDonald' s car and destroyed a part of the store. McDonald's will be shut down for several hours after the accident and it is estimated that it will cost about 75,000 dollars (about 8.22 million yen) to restore the store.

Details are as below.Strange & amp; Unusual - Man Drives Into McDonald's after Order Botched

A 31-year-old David Spillers who got angry enough to forget me due to a mistake in McDonald's in Florida provoked his car in the play area set outside. Nevertheless David's anger did not stop, but the car stuck into the store where the customer is located.

David ran away quickly, but as the police tracked down the fragments of the glass falling down the road it briefly reached the car of David parked in the apartment.

According to McDonald's "It is fortunate to happen, but there was no one who got scratched this time because it is not worth talking from our mouth what happened, so please go to the police inquiries. We will cooperate fully with the police investigation. "

A police spokesperson says, "Although David did not see any effects of drugs or alcohol, it would be a two-year prison sentence with reckless driving and damage to the equipment."

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