A man who brewed beer in his body and had been 'drunk without drinking' for many years



A man who had been arrested for drunk driving despite not drinking alcohol, had symptoms such as mood swings and aggression, fell drunk and injured his head for more than 7 years ... It turned out that it was an 'automatic brewery syndrome ' (ABS) that brewed beer in Japan. It took two years of treatment for a man diagnosed with ABS to return to normal.

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A 46-year-old man living in North Carolina, USA, has been suffering from a dull head and depression after eating for several years. After spending several years with unclear causes, in 2014 a man was arrested for drunk driving despite not drinking at all. At that time, the blood alcohol concentration of men was 0.2%, which was much higher than the legal standard value, so police and nurses did not believe the man's claim that he was not drinking. Then, in 2017, the man fell and suffered a head injury. The man, who was distrustful of his physical condition, visited a number of psychiatrists, physicians, neurologists, and gastroenterologists, but the cause remained unknown.


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However, the man contacted an Ohio researcher after his uncle and aunt heard about similar symptoms. In 2015, a man was diagnosed with 'automatic brewery syndrome' (ABS) and was finally successfully treated in 2018, more than seven years after the onset of symptoms.

Automatic brewery syndrome is a condition in which fermentation occurs in the body, causing beer to be brewed. Although it is said to be a very rare symptom, similar cases have been reported in the past, and when antibiotics are taken and the intestines are cleared and infected with Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast), such cases occur. It is believed that symptoms will occur.

This is the real beer belly, the man who brewed beer in his body and kept getting drunk-GIGAZINE

In the case of this man, his thumb was injured in 2011, and after three weeks of antibiotics, he began to have symptoms.

Ohio researchers who conducted the test found that stools contained brewer's yeast after a man had a carbohydrate-containing diet. The researchers administered the drug, but it wasn't enough, so the man's symptoms soon recurred. After eating, men's blood alcohol levels began to rise to 0.4%, so men traveled to multiple doctors.

And in 2017, a group of researchers at the University of Richmond Medical Center on Staten Island, New York, administered a powerful antifungal drug to men. At this time as well, the first recurrence was caused by pizza and soda, so I finally succeeded in eliminating the bacteria by giving a stronger intravenous injection. As of February 2018, blood alcohol was not detected even when men ate a normal diet. And as of 2019, no recurrence has been reported.

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ABS is said to be a very rare symptom, but researchers suggest that there may be other 'undiagnosed' conditions. 'If anyone has a high blood alcohol level or a positive alcohol test but denies alcohol intake, they should look into ABS,' the researchers said.

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