Microsoft wins the US Department of Defense cloud business'JEDI 'bidding competition of over 1 trillion yen, Amazon's favorite loses



The US Department of Defense has promoted the joint enterprise defense infrastructure (JEDI ) cloud business with a maximum limit of $ 10 billion (about 1.1 trillion yen) to centrally manage the data of the Ministry using artificial intelligence (AI) in the cloud. ) ”Was awarded by Microsoft. It has been reported that Amazon is a big favorite in the JEDI bidding competition, which is called a 'finished race', but Microsoft overcame the reputation and wins.


Key dates leading up to the US Pentagon's cloud-computing award to Microsoft-Reuters

Pentagon Picks Microsoft Over Amazon For $ 10 Billion Contract: NPR

Pentagon awards $ 10 billion 'war cloud' deal to Microsoft over Amazon-CBS News

As of 2019, data operated by the US Department of Defense is stored in more than 400 data centers scattered throughout the region. “JEDI” is a plan to centrally manage the data stored in distributed data centers in the cloud in the cloud. Since JEDI was an extremely expensive business with a maximum limit of 1.1 trillion yen, big companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle tried to participate in the bidding competition.

However, JEDI was rumored to be a 'race race by Amazon and the Department of Defense' with the content that the predetermined reference line was 'only Amazon can clear'.

Amazon is about to acquire a 1 trillion yen business `` JEDI '' that centrally manages US Department of Defense data in the cloud, or even the view of `` made race '' in fact-GIGAZINE


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The companies that participated in the bid competition responded in various ways to the coverage of the 'made race'. Oracle sued the Pentagon, saying 'Amazon is suspected of being arbitrarily screwed up on the contract's criteria to make it easier for Pentagon employees to get a job.' On the other hand, Google declines the bid competition because it conflicts with the ethical principles of AI.

It can be said that Amazon's capabilities in the cloud business are certain. According to a July 2019 report by Gartner , an analytics research specialist focusing on the IT field, Amazon accounts for about 48% of the cloud computing market, making a big difference to the second largest Microsoft, which accounts for about 16%. I am wearing it.

However, on July 18, 2019, President Trump announced that 'a lot of technology companies including large companies have complained about the contract between Amazon and the Department of Defense.' On August 1, 2019, the Pentagon decided to suspend JEDI selection after receiving an announcement from President Trump. And on October 25, 2019, the Department of Defense announced that Microsoft had won the JEDI.

At the time of this announcement, the Department of Defense said, “The acquisition process has been conducted in accordance with laws and regulations and has passed the examination by the US CPA and federal courts. All companies participating in the bidding competition are treated fairly and the assessment criteria are It was evaluated based on. ”

In response to this decision, an Amazon spokesman said, 'We were amazed by the Department of Defense decision. It's clear that AWS is a leader in the cloud computing space, and we can only compare product capabilities purely. If so, I think the result was different again. ” The Washington Post blamed, 'President Trump may have intervened in JEDI's ruling, which could be a violation of law.'

JEDI contract goes to Microsoft, not Amazon after Trump expresses opposition to giving contract to Jeff Bezos's company-The Washington Post

As a result, President Trump made fun of the fact that the Washington Post was acquired by Amazon in 2013 and became a member of Amazon. `` It was a shame for Amazon Washington Post, the Amazon lobby newspaper. 'I'm ironic on Twitter.

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