A woman who informed the police on grounds that fried rice was insufficient

There are many women obsessed with food as there is a word that "Resentment of food is horrible", but there seem to be some women reporting because fried rice is short for prawns. I guess it was a person who has some kind of commitment to fried rice.

Details are as below.
Diner Dials 911 over Shrimp Order

The incident occurred at the chain store "A & amp; D Buffalo" in Texas. According to the store clerk, the woman brought home the item I ordered once, but then he came back to the store and said he complained that the shrimp added at 1.62 dollars (about 160 yen) is not on board. However, the shop refused refund because it was a complaint after having gotten the item and left the building. Then the woman cried with a shrill voice, he heard that they brought a fuss with the boyfriend who brought in.

And the woman said, "I ordered prawn fried rice and ordered additional shrimp but this time I added an additional shrimp was not put in," reported the police to the police operator, police operator I asked for refund or additional shrimp to be added to. However, when a police officer arrived at the store after receiving a report, it seems that the appearance of the woman was gone inside the store.

Clerks expect that women will come again as women were often visiting stores.

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