A small cafe was mistakenly certified in Michelin 1 star restaurant and it got big panic

A small cafe offering local food such as homemade lasagna and boiled red wine at low price was mistakenly certified as a 1 star restaurant in the Michelin Guide. It is reported that this influence caused a riot that reporters, TV reporters and gourmet critics got into an unnamed cafe in the suburbs.

Workmen's cafe overwhelmed with customers after it is accidentally awarded a Michelin star

It was a cafe & bar named "Le Bouche à Oreilles" in a small city called Bourges in France, which was accredited as a one-star restaurant in the Michelin Guide by mistake. Although it is a small store, lunchtime is said to be crowded with local customers who enjoy beer and meals. As it was posted on the Michelin Guide as a 1 star restaurant, it seems that many gourmet customers called for calling for reservations for dinner, and the reporters and TV reporters were pushing into the interview on the site.

The Michelin Guide called Le Bouche à Oreilles apologizing,Restaurant with exactly the same restaurant name near ParisI explained the circumstance that I made a mistake. The address of Le Bouche à Oreilles in Bourges faces the street called "Route de la Chapelle", but Le Bouche à Oreilles near Paris is also on the street called "Impasse de la Chapelle" It was 100 miles away (about 160 km). Similar to the name of the street as well as the store name seems to have caused the Michelin guide misunderstanding.

Véronique Jacquet, the owner of Le Bouche à Oreilles in Bourges, says, "We ran away immediately from the reporter who rushed in. The son who lives in Paris also listened to the rumor and gave me a phone call, I was laughing, and I also said that the phone called "Why did not you tell me that you acquired Michelin stars" from patrons and friends? Penelope Salmon serving as a chef at Le Bouche à Oreilles commented, "I am cooking with my whole heart but I have never thought of winning stars in Michelin."

Already Bourges' Le Bouche à Oreilles has been removed from Michelin's website. Aymeric Dreux, the chef of Le Bouche à Oreilles who was certified as a 1 star restaurant, said, "I called up Madame Jacquet and laughed at what made us laugh at each other and laughed at my restaurant dinner I will invite her to a cafe to drink beer if I get to her neighborhood. "

Bourges' Le Bouche à Oreilles offers lunch courses from 1500 yen including salads, homemade lasagne, beef red wine boiled Burgundian style, French fries and so on. It seems that it is a conscientious cafe that can also enjoy meals below 10 euros (about 1200 yen) per person if ordered separately. Meanwhile, Le Bouche à Oreilles near Paris, which was certified as a 1 star restaurant in the Michelin Guide, has a lunch course of 48 euros (about 5700 yen), with lobster fran (pudding style lobster) and black truffle We are offering confirmed beef confit.

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