"VFX is not a lie" is not a lie, a movie "VFX Games" that shows us how we are being cheated on video

"Star Wars / Force's Awakens"Or"Mad Max Max's Angry Death RoadIn many movies, such asVFX(Visual Effects)Although people are used, some people who saw the movie also thought that "VFX is fake". However, now not only the method of using CG video, but more VFX than the imagination is used, and movies that show us how we are deceived by the video are released.

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A man standing by the street saying, "It is possible to create everything in the movie today, but this is not an easy task, we need extreme concentration and long hours, high technology" I will.

As VFX in the movie creates very fine parts, "A viewer does not notice discomfort even if viewed on a large screen," said the man. Of particular importance in VFX is to attach the rendered video to the main part of the filmDigital synthesisBy this process it is possible to create an illusion "as if life exists now" fantasy.

By saying "Let's see what it is", the man turned blue. this is"Rotoscope"In contrast with blue back, to cut out part of the picture taken by the method called"

Since the object is completely separated from the background, it becomes this image.

Meanwhile, the technique played by the actor in front of blue back, green back, etc. is "KeyingIt is called.

Only the part of the green back projects a realistic image of another dimension.

It differs slightly from the above two, but "trackingIs also important in video production. 2D tracking that captures the movement of the plane ... ...

3D tracking to grasp depth and others. By tracking you can accurately reproduce the "movement" captured by the camera.

In addition to "adding elements", "removing unnecessary elements" is also an important task. Four cards are written on the cardboard of men, but ......

Delete this.

And the character "There is none such as reality!" Was projected.

Of course, in addition to capturing what I actually created, something that the computer created may also be included in the image. This is called "CG Composite".

In this way, images are created by repeating many precise work, but some people say "VFX is fake".

"So is it really so?" From here, the image changes from film style to edit screen style, the process of actually making the movie will be reversed.

A man who goes back the way the robot has disappeared and came.

I reached the scene where the car passed behind the man.

It was a colorful painted car, but what was used in actual shooting was a pure white van.

Put a colorful pattern on the car ......

Processing to look natural. In addition, we synthesize the image of the light on the car.

Furthermore, because the image of the person is caught between the car and the handle ......

This is also processed. A colorful car written as "nationalgrid" goes behind without any discomfort.

Also, a scene where two bicyclists ride through the back of a man.

Actually, at this time, there was only one bicycle running through.

Paste the image of the second person behind the first person in the manner of copy & pace ... ...

We will adjust details such as color.

Furthermore, a scene where a woman is walking a dog behind a man.

Actually, I did not have anything here.

This sticks the images of women shot in greenback in another place ......

We further synthesized dogs.

The rest will be finely adjusted so that the whole will fit in.

Scenes where robots appear, graffiti on the wall on the right.

This is also synthetic. Where there is nothing inherent ... ...

I will stick graffiti taken at another place.

It looks as if graffiti had been from the beginning.

That is why it is a movie that you can see well that the scenery you are seeing without discomfort without feeling as it is "There is none like reality!" That men raised in the middle of the movie is a creature, and after watching the movie It seemed to doubt all "reality" seen through the image.

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