A father's anger explosion, a 17-year-old daughter's 57-year-old boyfriend baked with a bread knife

ByJo Jakeman

A 47 - year - old father, who knew that a 17 - year - old daughter was going out with a 57 - year - old man, banned the daughter 's companion' s male with a bread knifecastrationThe case to do is GermanyBielefeldI am getting up. Without anesthesia, men who had resected their testicles (conscious) without consciousness became on the verge of blood loss, but their lives seemed to be saved.

Details are as below.German man castrates teenage daughter's 57-year-old boyfriend - Telegraph

Helmut Seifert (47 years old) from Russia (ethnically German) living in Bielefeld, knowing that a 17-year-old daughter is dating Phillip Genscher (57 years old), he consulted the local police staff However,Compliance age is 14 years oldIn Germany I was told that I can not intervene legally.

"So he pushed two co-workers working at the same factory into the house of the victim (Mr. Genscher) who was forced to lower the pants, was castrated completely with consciousness, and cut out testicles The police spokesman says, "The police spokesman said.

Mr. Genscher was about to lose blood loss as it was, but managed to call the police somehow, and that life was saved at the last minute. But I can not regain the lost testes.

Mr. Seifert acknowledges the crime and is scheduled to be tried on charges of attempted murder next year.

"I was told by my anonymous phone that my daughter is 40 years older than a man who was older.The police said that he can not stop the man, so I stopped it.I stopped by myself as my father It is obligation, "says Seifert. In addition, he seems to keep silent about the name of two accomplices.

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