Killing her neighbor with Karate because she was infected with lice

It seems that a case where a man using Karate attacks the next room and kills it with bare hands occurred in Russia. Moreover, the reason is that it was infected with lice. What on earth is there?

Details are as below.
Karate expert kills two over lice infection | Oddly Enough | Reuters

A 26-year-old man killed a 61-year-old woman and his son. Although it was a room next door with each other in the hostel, this karate usage went to the next room in a drunk state that the wife was infected with lice from the family in the next room, and karate has committed murder by the technique of karate That's right.

According to Eduard Abdullin of the State Investigation Agency, "The suspects literally killed themselves with hands and feet literally, the one who was killed was a poor family and was drinking alcohol often, the wife infected lice and the corridor was full of lice He protested against the neighboring room that he was supposed to be in. "

In the same room I received a violent assault with a husband of a victim woman (58), but he seems to have taken down his life. A man suspected that he was learning Karate for seven years he seems to be charged with a life sentence.

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