Woman who died of ass fat in the face and died

There seems to be a case in which the fat of the buttocks was injected into the face in the treatment at the hospital, causing a loss of life.

It is quite a shocking incident, but what on earth has led to death?

Details are as below.
Woman died after cosmetic surgery - EDP 24

Rachel Soanes (37) erodes fat at St. Thomas Hospital in LondonCutaneous tuberculosisI injected fat into my face for treatment. The first injection was done on February 12, and after the second injection just after that, Rachel complained of dizziness and vomited. The oxygen level of Rachel was decreasing, but it took 50 minutes for the special team to come. Her outpatient department of dermatology was away from the central part of the hospital, it took about 2 hours to get permission to receive intensive care, Rachel died soon.

Pathologist Sebastian Lucas replied to the hearing in the autopsy court Rachel's cause of death wasFat embolismIt seems that it was a case that had never been before. The fat that was injected into the blood vessels of the face arrived at the lungs and closed the artery there. This phenomenon occurs within 2 seconds, it seems that fat can not be removed any way once fat goes to the lungs.

According to Andrew Harris, a coroner who recorded a hearing, "Although Rachel was a natural death, embolism caused acute respiratory failure and treatment was done," there was a situation that treatment was delayed, but this time We did not prevent rare complications like that of the case.

Mother Osborn says, "The hospital said that there was no way to save her daughter, it is very early for her daughter to die, I do not know how abnormal happened to my daughter, but what they say We have to accept it. "

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