An 18-year-old boy died of a dentist who went to treat wisdom teeth

In Canada, an accident happened that an 18 - year - old boy who went to a dentist to treat wisdom tea was died. Even an oral surgeon doing a practicing doctor for 32 years seems to be a rare case, but if you look at the reasons it is just a medical mistake.

Details are as follows.

Leejay Levene, who lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, went to the dentist to remove three wisdom teeth. The dentist struck Mr. Levene with a general anesthetic, but he seems to have made some mistake there, and Levene got into breathing difficulties. Calling for emergency right away, the anesthesiologist tried to restore Levene's consciousness, but he died the following evening. I was 18 years old.

According to Timothy Wallace doctor at oral surgery who did this treatment, it seems that this is a rare tragedy that you encounter once in a lifetime even if you are doing a practitioner for 32 years. The procedure started on Wednesday at 12:30 and 911 was called at 12:45. When the emergency personnel arrived, Levene's heart was already stopped. Immediately he was taken to the Grand River hospital and connected to a life support device, but when the heart moved, other organs did not work, Levene's father decided to remove the device. Levene passed away at 18:24 on Thursday.

Wallace's doctor used general anesthesia to treat 12,000 wisdom teeth like the treatment he went to Levene. Some oral surgeons learn anesthetics themselves and use it by themselves, but Wallace doctor was the type to ask anesthesiologist, so this anesthesiologist has come to help Wallace doctor twice a week It was. The anesthesiologist's comment has not been taken yet. It has been found ten years ago that there are one in 700,000 people who died of patients using general anesthetic in dentistry.

Professor Daniel Haas at the University of Toronto says, "General anesthesia is safe but not perfect, although this accident is a very rare case, it is not impossible."

Fefergrad, who was a record clerk, refuted that someone had learned that the tube supplying oxygen to Levene was twisted after the rescuer had arrived. It seems that oxygen supply was not good because the tube was twisted and clogged. According to Levene's mother · Shirley who passed away Levene said that he was anxious about this treatment, he was breathing through his mouth all the time, and this is related to Levene's breathing stopped It seems.

More than 600 people gathered at Levene's funeral. Levene is planning to go to the University of Toronto from September, and after graduating from college he was going to take a master's degree in architecture at Dalhousie University.

If the oxygen tube is not twisted, may it have been successfully resuscitated ... Is that normal medical mistake?

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