67.5 million people who used the net in the past year in Japan and Ministry of Internal Affairs announced

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications's Basic Survey on Social Life in 2006, 67.5 million people (over 10 years old) who used the Internet during the past year (October 20, 2005 to October 19, 18) The percentage of the population aged 10 years and over (rate of behavior) is 59.4%.

By gender, men is 34.56 million, women are 32.934 million. According to the rate of behavior, men are 62.5%, women 56.5%, men are 6.0 points higher than women.

However, as this result eliminates the use in work and academic, it is actually more expensive.

By prefecture, the first place is 70.8% in Tokyo and the lowest place is 50% in Aomori prefecture ... .... After all the regional gaps are reality ... ....

Other interesting details are as follows. Because Excel file of statistical result can also be downloaded, it may be useful for something.
Main social life survey 2006 main statistical table

By age group, men are the highest at 88.2% for 15-19 years old and 92.3% for women 20-24 years old, and as the age is higher than this, the rate of behavior is decreasing.

So what on earth are you using the net, it looks like the following.

1st place: E-mail: 49.1%
2nd place: information retrieval and information such as news acquisition: 43.0%
3rd place: image / movie / music data, acquisition of software: 26.7%
4th: Usage of reservation / purchase, payment etc. of goods and services: 23.5%
5th place: bulletin board · chat: 11.7%
6th: Homepage, opening / updating blog: 6.9%

By men and women, except men are higher than "homepage, opening / renewing blog". It seems that there are many women who are openers such as blogs, although there are a few.

So, this is the rate of people who use 'Internet use' by prefecture ... .... It means that it is below the national average, except for the metropolitan area and Kinki ... .... I have to manage somehow ......

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