A 38 cm surgical tool is left in the abdomen of a man

A German 61-year-old man accused the medical staff because 15 inches (38 cm) of surgical forceps remained in the abdomen.

It is a medical mistake likely to be an urban legend, but it seems pain just to imagine.

An X - ray image showing forceps is as follows.Surgical clamps left inside man's abdomen - Telegraph

61-year-old Norbert Pohl was hospitalized last year and performed a relatively simple intestinal operation. However, it seems that unbearable pain has come after the surgery that should have been successful. Mr. Pohl headed to the doctor and asked to take an X - ray to explain the cause, surgical forceps were clearly shown in the abdomen.

The doctor who inspected said, "Perhaps it was silent that forceps remained to hide what failed."

Mr. Pohl's abdomen was destroyed due to forceps, and now he seems to embed a therapeutic corset inside the body. The lawyer stated that "forceps are scrambling inside Mr. Pohl's body like a chain saw, it is a miracle that Mr. is still alive," said Mr. Pohl, who wrote 100,000 pounds (about 20 million yen The lawsuit is likely to occur.

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