A woman who felt that his life was saved by having been popular, states his ambition as "I want to become fat more in the future"

February 22, 2010, travel destinationAtlantic CitySamantha Lynn Fraser, who suddenly received a bullet in the abdomen, took down the longevity, which reported that the way he caught his own figure changed.

It seems that she was hoping to lose weight until this incident occurred. Was the idea changed because I felt that my fat had saved my life? According to an interview after the incident "From now on, If we stop the bullets we want to actively become fat, "he says ambitions.

Details are as below.
'My love handles saved my life,' says bystander shot in Atlantic City - pressofAtlanticCity.com: Atlantic City

Mr. Samantha living in Florida came to Atlantic City for a family break because of the incident. On the early morning of the 22nd, I heard that he heard a pong twice while going to the store to go for a drink with her cousin, Kimberly Moore. Although I hid inside the shop quickly, I felt a severe pain as if Samantha was bitten by my abdomen, I found that I was bleeding by receiving a bullet when I touched my hand. Despite being shot himself, Samantha said he had been asking the doctor strongly for the cousin 's allowance which is confusing.

As a result of investigation by the Detective Agency, it turned out that the target of the culprit who made the sniper was not Samantha, but another person. According to Samantha's family saying, "Thanks to the asthma, life was saved because of the flesh," he said, "I wanted to lose weight before, I was screaming loudly, I wanted to lose, but I do not want to diet anymore. If you stop the bullets, I'd like to get more and more fat from now. " Since the doctor's comment concerning the wound she received was not published, it is unknown whether it was the factor that the pochyari shape detained life. However, this consciousness may be playing a charm like a talisman over trauma of trauma (psychological trauma).

This is Samantha Lynn Fraser who is answering the interview. It is quite a bodily owner. Incidentally, the criminal has not been arrested yet, desperate search seems to continue, such as giving incentive to the provider of effective information.

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