A woman who had bullets in his head for 64 years

In Jiangsu Province, China I took a picture of the head of a 77 year old woman who came to a hospital suffering from a headache and I found out that there was a bullet in my head. Moreover, that bullet was what remained in my head when I was shot by 64 years ago.

A surgeon who took out surgery and rusted bullets was surprised that bullets remained without causing significant problems in the head. Of course it is.

Details are as below.
Woman had bullet in head for 64 years | Weird Asia News

According to this article, a 77-year-old Chinese woman, Jin Guangying, who had bullets in his head this time, went to deliver supplies to his father who had been guerrilla in 1943 during World War II It seems he was caught in the shooting of the Japanese army. She was 13 years old at that time.

She lost consciousness when she got bullets at her head, but her mother painted her wound medicine on her wound, it seems that her wound has been occupied in three months. Moreover, it is said that the reason why it was only by merely losing consciousness when receiving a gunshot at the head was that the bullet received passed through the body of another person and the power was weakened .

Even so, it is horrible ....

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