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My voicecom'squestionnaireAccording to the top of tea drinks of PET bottles drinking frequently is "Iemon gate". As expected, Fukuzunen, a well-established store, has just chosen tea leaves. Although the price is on the top of the purchase-oriented point, the upper retail price of the PET bottle that is often drinking is the same price. It may be that selling pretty much depends on differences due to discounts at dealers. As for the bonus on the PET bottle which has been getting lately these days, everyone seems to be not interested so much, so even if you are concerned about points of purchase or purchase, there are not too many votes and the contents of the tea itself seems to be important.

Incidentally, ITO EN, which sells "Oi tea", develops products according to containers even for the same goods,There are differences in taste between cans and plastic bottlesThat's right.

So, tomorrowMay 18. The first peace conference was held in The Hague of the Netherlands in 1899, and Abe 's constant case came out in 1936. In 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted and affected the weather of the Northern Hemisphere, the weather forecast was liberalized in 1995, and the weather forecaster's private weather forecast began. In 1955, the actor Chow · Yun Hwa, who appeared in the latest series of "Pirates of the Caribbean", was born in 1995 when the main character of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" Killa Yamato was born. In 1922, the malaria parasite Charles Louis Alphonse Loveless who discovered, died.

Today's headline news.

Newcomers do not know ... Senior engineer's black educational activity note / Tech Research Institute(Business, a lot of newcomers as well)

ITmedia Biz.ID: Press the "reset button" of a new person(Business, smoking campaign and half obeying)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: "Laugh at the mound!"(Play, quite a lot of emptiness seems to be able to taste)

The afterimage is terrible! Degradation of quality of liquid crystal of Nintendo DS Lite? : Ultramaido(I bought a game this week)

Diary of model and character valve - Divided baby boomer generation and baby-boomer junior generation(Differences in working conditions due to differences in society and generation)

Nico Nico Video Developer Blog - It has exceeded one million people(Internet service, members of Nico Nico video exceed 1 million in 72 days)

Japan.internet.com Web Business - Is your company OK? ~ The risk of lurking in IM(Security, dangerous aspect of messenger)

"Sickness of the mind" worker accident recognition, the largest number of people 205 ... 30% 40%: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Health and certified people increased by 78 people over the previous year)

ITmedia News: I do not know "Web site" - Judge confesses during trial(Trial, a judge who does not know the net)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - Now, the topic 'Twitter', 1% for users, approx. 12%(Net service, users are still very few)

Free software packed with small skill that makes Windows a little convenient "Pitatachio" | P O P * P O P(Software, functions to make the window semitransparent, etc.)

ITmedia News: 2000 routers down in 3 seconds "Flets" "Hikari Den" large scale disability(Internet, a large ripple caused by only one router failure)

ITmedia News: Google's nude image thumbnail is OK - appeals court reversed judgment(Google, thumbnail images do not infringe because they hit greatly transformed works)

ITmedia News: [WSJ] Chinese government abandoned for blogger real name registration (1/2)(Blog, that does not mean I gave up full name registration completely)

ITmedia News: MySpace, remove sex offender profile(SNS, deleted a convicted sex offender, but what about doing Japanese mixi etc?)

ITmedia News: Electricity consumption increase by Vista Aero is negligible ?? MS refutes(Battery, but electricity consumption increases by 1% ~ 4%)

ITmedia News: IBM salesperson, "Second Life" branch affiliated(In the virtual world, overseas, since support by chat is like it is natural, such is also established)

ITmedia News: Malware writer's mistake? Mass release of stolen information on the Web(Security, the total capacity disclosed is as large as 300 MB)

ITmedia + D PC USER: Direct sale of 4 GByte USB memory "UH" series of 5980 yen only - Sotec(USB memory, 2GB for 3480 yen, 1GB for 2480 yen)

ITmedia + D Mobile: With the trend toward mandatory GPS installation, rapidly growing Navi-time Japan (1/2)(About Mobile, GPS Navigation Service)

Chinese Home Appliances Market Maintaining High Growth - CNET Japan(Shipment value of business, white goods household appliances is about 6 trillion 20 million yen)

A survey of men in their teens (top) - Men in their teens use more mails than calls - CNET Japan(Mobile, about 1/3 of users who use e-mail in "early morning")

Podcasting, popular not only for young people but 35 to 54 years old: ITpro(Podcast, male users are 63% of the total)

Microsoft 's burnout syndrome. Vista Direction of improvement not shown - Masakazu Honda's "Weekly Mobile Communication"(Windows, collective enhancement and improvement is done in one and a half year cycle)

The iTunes Store copyright royalty report is "false alarm", JASRAC commented(Copyright, articles of the Asahi Shimbun are false alarms)

17 Rightsholders Organization, Preliminary Licensing When Using Content Contradicts New Law(Existing rights organization that opposes every proposal that promotes copyright and distribution of digital contents)

Council of the Council of Councils Many Opposites Oppose the Extension of Copyright Protection Period(Copyrights, increase in revenue due to extension of protection period is about 1 to 2% of total income)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - Business card management software, 4.2% experienced users(Business seems to have many people who do not understand how to manage in the first place)

Lawson - "Iodine egg light Tamagonban" released(Egg shaped bread using food, "iodine egg · light")

JORDAN CORPORATION: Company Info: Open user posting site "Jordan Live!"(Transportation, users can post operational conditions from mobile phones and view them collectively)

POLAR BEAR BLOG: Why Asahi Shimbun will not adopt permalink.(Often the past articles can not be read quickly in mass communication, newspaper website, etc.)

HP drinking diary "Midori of Matsusaka 3 girls 8 guardians sent a document(Maybe you forgot to mention that the other red people read as well)

Tokyo newspaper: patrol car overspeed Toyama prefectural police, Orvis captures: society (TOKYO Web)(The case, the maximum speed on an ordinary road of an emergency car was 80 km / h but it was running at a speed of 124 km / h)

At a commemorative photo with a maid, a junior high school student on a school trip to Akihabara "Ya!(Culture, is it a fascinating sight?

Leverage memo of a person who can not teach people who can be taught by recruit super professional _ reading no.002: ibaraku - blog of people who want to talk about marketing but can not talk(Recruitment, how to choose and nurture human resources)

Opinion, JASRAC etc. submit for direct link problem to illegal video on YouTube(YouTube, JASRAC says it will get hurt in a movie of over 10 minutes)

Far East blog: Japanese diplomatic resource diplomacy pretending to be uranium in Kazakhstan(Diplomacy, face-to-face talk and the truth behind it)

Tamagotchi rice - Your "two dimensional" judgment degree checker.(Check, you know the "two-dimensional" degree in your nerd context)

Development Milestone(Excel, Gantt chart is automatically displayed by simply entering the start date and the number of days)

Video / free video Ask Video: Viewer Picture capturing the moment when thunder falls close by(Movie, pretty awesome picture)

Fable unless you have sex, Details: a cheeping little bird(The incident, "You were hired as a sex worker, content of the shock that sexing with the president is your job")

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