A man whose foot bones have been broken for 29 years

Normally, even if the bone breaks, if you fix it with Gibbs for a while and become quiet, it will be cured by the bones, but it seems that there are men who were in a state where their leg bones remained broken for 29 years . Every time a man feels pain on his legs, he was inspected at a hospital, but he said that he was told that the doctor always kept his hands broken.

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Man had broken leg for 29 years - Telegraph

Steve Webb (49 years old) living in the UK seems to have broken his left foot bone in a motorcycle accident at the age of 20. Immediately after the accident he was hospitalized for 2 months with severe injuries that bone penetrated the skin. 17 months after the accident, the doctor seems to have diagnosed that Mr. Webb is completely healed, but when receiving another operation (operation of the toes), the fact that the bone of the left foot was still broken still It seems that it turned out. He seems to have received electromagnetism for 9 months thereafter, but he seems to feel pain again in the left foot five years later. Just to be sure, when I examined the left foot, it seems that the bone of the left foot was still broken and eventually the metal plate was embedded in Webb's left foot.

Twenty four years after the metal plate was embedded, I felt pain on my left foot again, so I checked again and found out that the bone has been affected by infection. When I tried removing the metal plate of the foot, it seems that the leg bones still broke even though about 30 years passed since the first accident.

This person is Steve Webb

Currently I am undergoing treatment to stretch my bones little by little at Oxford's Nuffield Orthopedic Center, and this method seems to be completely cured with a probability of 99% although it will take some time.

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