I tried a commonization procedure that makes it possible to use the Yodobashi camera's Gold Point for real store, net and mobile

One time,It was heavy enough to make it unimaginable"Yodobashi · dot · comHowever, since it seems that it seemed to work properly, I tried the common point work of Gold Point Card. This makes it possible to commonly use points with real store, net · mobile, and it will become possible to check your own point balance from the net.

However, in the case of a card with a barcode, it seems to be a rather troublesome procedure, such as having to go to a real store. However, since the merit of being able to share the point on the net and the point of the real shop was attractive, tried doing it hard.

Details are as below.
The basic flow is explained on the following page.

Guide to point sharing procedure: Yodobashi · dot · com

This card is common this time. "Gold point card with bar code" will be.

The procedure in this case is as follows.

Flow of sharing procedures for customers with a gold point card with a bar code

I was going to the Yodobashi camera in Umeda to actually issue Yodobashi camera's general guidance counters, so I asked the first floor counter to issue such a gold point card access key. I will also follow the paper for explanation.

Then, return to home, this time access the following address.

Gold Point common use procedure Member ID · Password input: Yodobashi · dot · com

Enter ID and password and click "Next"

Enter Gold Point Card Number and Access Key and click "Next"

Success ... ... If I think, why fail. Apparently it seems that the address of the Gold Point Card has not been changed.

That's why I call the gold point commonization work inquiry dedicated dial displayed. When I informed the error contents, I checked the ID card number of the Gold Point Card and further verified my birth date in the Christian era as verification of identity. As a result, it was about changing the registered address of the Gold Point Card, so I told the postal code, street address and phone number. It will be changed in about 5 minutes, so I'd like you to proceed again.

So, when I tried, finally succeeded

Now I can shop before the point lapse at the end of December. After that I just get used to the new Yodobashi operability.

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