Access to the official website of the BIC camera which sold the lucky bag rushed, the name of others was displayed, now under maintenance

Reservation sales of lucky bags made at 10:00 am today at major electronics mass merchandisers and BIC camera mail order sitesIt was rushed to access to, but when I logged in to the members page, it became clear that someone's name was displayed somehow somehow.

Currently the site is "under maintenance" and I can not use shopping and members page, but I asked the BIC camera about the reason.

Details are as below.
Bic camera. Com

According to the BIC camera mail order site "BIC camera .com", online shopping and information browsing can not be used as of 13:00 on December 25, during system maintenance. As soon as maintenance is completed, Internet shopping service will resume.

According to the story from the reader, when logging in to the member page of "BIC camera .com" in order to purchase a lucky bag, it was said that completely different names of people and point balance were displayed.

And when I asked the BIC camera about this matter,Because we have confirmed that membership names and so on have been displayed on the membership page as a result of the flood of access from users who buy lucky bags, we are currently maintaining the site"It was a reply saying.

Incidentally, as of 10 AM before this problem became clear, when I visited the official page of BIC camera at the editorial department, it seems that the situation is very hard to access and the following page is displayed It was.

In addition to selling out lucky bag reservation sale of Yodobashi camera which was done the other day instantly,Cleverly who reserved and sold "recession box"Although it became impossible to access the page for more than 6 hours from the start of reception, the power of the lucky bag sales warfare seems to be that much horrible.

2009/12/25 14:43 Addendum
At the moment BIC camera has become accessible, apparently seems to have recovered.

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