Each large electronics mass merchandiser store will start accepting reservations for "Nintendo 3DS" all at once

Nintendo's latest portable game machine that will be released on Saturday, February 26 "Nintendo 3DSHowever, it seems that it is a very difficult business to purchase side by side on the day of release as it was in the past new game machines.

Although it seems that there are many people thinking that "I would like to reserve in advance" if possible as a means to get it safely, it became clear that each large electronics mass merchandiser company starts accepting reservations all at once.

Details are as below.
Yodobashi camera's official site "Yodobashi.com"According to January 20 (Thursday), it is said that reservations will be accepted at each Yodobashi camera store for" Nintendo 3DS ".

Yodobashi.com - dot · com news list - Reservation of "Nintendo 3DS" will be accepted at each Yodobashi camera store from January 20 (Thursday).

Also, Bic Camera will start accepting reservations at games handling stores on January 20 (Thursday).

Finally! Nintendo 3DS! Reservation starts from Thursday January 20!

In Sofmap, it is said that reservation reception will be started on Thursday, January 20.

【Game】 Nintendo 3DS Reservation Announcement | sofmap.com

In addition, it is said that you are notified at any time of the reservation reception start time etc. of each home appliance mass merchant store, so it may be nice to frequently check the official HP of each mass merchandiser frequently for those who are planning to make a reservation.

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