Competition battle inevitable, will begin accepting reservations for "Nintendo 3DS" in a few days

The other dayEach large electronics mass merchant store will start accepting reservations for "Nintendo 3DS" all at onceWe also informed you that it is planned to start accepting reservations soon in the major online shopping site "" as well.

I think that it is inevitable that a fierce competition will be unlikely to be unlikely to be a great opportunity for those who say "there is no home electronics mass retailer in the vicinity" or "people can not reserve at mass retailers on weekdays" I will.

Details are as below.
A product introduction page of Nintendo 3DS which was opened on "". Currently only Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue scheduled to be released on February 26 are posted. Nintendo 3DS Cosmo Black (tentative name): Game

The cosmo black reservation start date is from January 20th. Apparently it seems that January 20th is the lifting date as well as each electronics retailers. Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue (tentative name): Game

Aqua Blue also starts accepting reservations from January 20th.

By the way, the fact that starts reservation reception on January 20, it seems that reservation reception will be done on other online shopping sites the same day, but where is the best place to make a reservation Is it secure?

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