Even if there is no dumbbell, it's okay, parenting and fun going to macho-chi "Child Muscle Training Dojo"

It is a movie of the muscle tray method which can be easily casually at home without going to the gym which is suitable for "people who are recently cold and exercise inattentiveness" and "people who are overwhelmed by the New Year and feel tummy meat".

It is not necessary to purchase dumbbells and training equipment etc., and training that effectively utilizes familiar things can be started even today as long as children have children, and it can be fun to train with deepening parent and child's bonds .

Playback is from the following.YouTube - The Kid Workout

"I want to do muscle training, but ..."

"dumbbellYabarbellThere is no ... .... "

"It's all right, there is no problem," Muscle train master and parents say.

Coco Bean, "39 pounds (18 kg) ramping horse" who is active when there is no dumbbell.

Instead of dumbbell as my sonBiceps brachii muscleLet's train from.

Likewise for the opposite arm.

Next is behind the armsTriceps brachii muscleExercise to train. Grasp the child's ankle firmly with both arms and bend and stretch behind the neck.

Triceps brachiiDeltoid muscle,Trapezius muscleTo trainShoulder · PressHe said that there is also a preventive effect on the stiff shoulders. Just a little devising a usual "high high" way seems to be able to obtain a training effect.

Major pectoral muscleChest press to train.

Let's stretch slowly bending soon without bouncing back as much as possible.

The usual abdominal muscle is also more effective if you use the weight of the child and apply the load.

So, "How do you want to do train muscle training is my temper but my child ... ..." What should I do?

"No problem" (no problem), Muscle Tor parent and child is saying.

"154 pounds (70 kg) muscle machine, father" comes in.

First of all, my father exercises loading and training the biceps brachii.

Children are bored. To sustain motivation, father says, "Like, good guys!" "I'm killing you!Let's say hello.

Next, train the triceps brachialis muscle.

...... Although it has become somewhat different training, there are also such things. Doing fun while playing is the point that keeps children's training.

Chest press training the pectoralis major.

By supporting the weight with limbs and applying moderate load, father can also train at the same time.

"Satisfying look with today's training well!" For my father, the load increases as the child grows up, and for the child, it is a really good training program that load increases with my father's macho.

When training at home carefully please be careful in places that are large enough so as not to be injured and not to injure, nor to drop children or striking furniture etc.

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