I tried checking the stores that can buy cheaper new PS 3 which fell down

We realized about 2/3 of the thickness and weight of conventional model, low power consumption,New PS3 whose price has reached 20,990 yenWill be released on Thursday, September 3rd, but the situation is now unknown where reservations are flooded on mail-order sites that can be purchased even cheaply, where you can buy cheaply if you buy it.

So I tried checking exactly where I could buy the new PS3 cheaply.

Details are as below.
Price .com - SONY Playstation 3 HDD 120GB Charcoal · Black CECH-2000A Compare Prices

Major price information site "Price .com"As of August 28 23:30, the lowest price of the new PS 3 is 20,670 yen.

HoweverPrice change historyAs a result, I checked on Amazon.co.jp from August 24th 13: 04 to August 28th 9: 01 and August 28 from 11: 54 to 15: 45It is 1600 yen cheaper than the list price 23,880 yenYou can see that it was sold at.

Apparently Amazon.co.jp sold out reservation increased reserved number and resumed reception at 11:54 on August 28, and the order rushed and sold out in 3 hours 51 minutes It seems to be said that, depending on inventory situation, reservations may be reinstated in the future.

Incidentally,Yodobashi CameraYaBic cameraA major electronics retail store such asPoints of 2,980 yen 5% reduction (1499 points)Although it sells, Kansai capital's major consumer electronics retail storeJoshin's mail order siteAs of August 28 23:30,Reduce 500 yen from the list price Points of 20,980 yen 5% reduction (1474 points)It sells at, it seems that it is more affordable than other shops because Joshin calculates cheap as much as 1974 yen from the list price when considering the total including the points.

Incidentally, when comparing with the real price (including tax) including points, below.

Yodobashi Camera: 24,881 yen
Bic camera: 24,881 yen
Joshin: 20,866 yen

Considering the real price, depending on the store, it can be cheaper than the price .com lowest price store, so if you are using the points of any of the mass merchandisers from the usual way, try putting it in the choice It might be good.

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