Bic camera started point exchange service with Sofmap, it is possible to efficiently score points

We announced that Big Camera of a major consumer electronics retailer will start point exchange service with subsidiary Soft Map.

By doing this, you can combine the points of the Bic camera and the sofmap on hand at one of the points, so you can use points in a wide area, select shopping with the person with the higher point return rate depending on the situation By summarizing, you will be able to more efficiently score points.

Details are as below.
(PDF file)I kept you waiting very much!
"Big point" "Sofmap point" exchange service started!

According to this release, the BIC camera will start point exchange service of "Big Point" and "Soft Map Point" requested by many users from Monday, March 1.

This service is to bring points and exchange points to desired point cards by bringing the user's "big point card" and "sofmap card" to BIC camera and Sofmap stores, Is one big point = 1 sof map point.

In addition, in order to use the service, it is necessary for the name registered in both point cards to be consistent with each other. In addition, from the big point, "Soft map" pool point (point price of the second-hand goods sold) "It is said that it can not be exchanged.

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