Bic camera puts Kojima under its umbrella and second in the home electronics mass merchandising industry

The fifth largest consumer electronics retailer industryBic cameraIs No. 6 in the industryKojimaIt is clear that it is a policy to acquire shares of the company and hold it under its umbrella. Total sales of both companies will exceed 1 trillion yen, and it will emerge to second place in the industry.

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Bic camera is an electronics mass retailer that has about 40 stores in Tokyo, Osaka, etc., with sales of 612.1 billion yen, fifth in the industry. On the other hand, Kojima has deployed about 200 stores, sales are 449.4 billion yen, and it is the industry's 6th largest consumer electronics retail store.

BIC camera store

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Kojima's store


Currently, home appliance mass merchandisers are in a state of difficulty in the business environment as a whole due to competition for opening stores and sluggish demand for home appliances due to the termination of the eco point system, and lower price of television. Under such circumstances, BIC camera has acquired a majority of Kojima's shares and it has concluded a policy to keep it under its umbrella so as to survive with reduced cost by standardization of purchase and logistics.

Total sales of both companies are over 1 trillion yen, now the second largest in the industryEDION(Midori electrification, deodeo etc.) will surpass the ¥ 820 billion yen and it will emerge to second place newly.

Until 2001, Kojima was the largest in the industry, but since 2002Yamada DenkiContinues to protect the top, its sales now exceed 2 trillion yen.

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2012/05/11 16:34
A release was released from BIC camera. According to this capital and business alliance, the market share of the BIC camera group will exceed 20% in the metropolitan area.

(PDF file)Notice of capital and business alliance with Kojima Corporation and change in subsidiary due to underwriting of third party allotment (PDF: 208 KB)

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