Tsukumo starts selling with cards' points converted to 200% on a limited basis for 3 days

Application for civil rehabilitation law applied and acceptedIt is,Transfer business to Yamada DenkiNikki Electric Co., Ltd., a computer shop that was supposed to start selling that it can convert the points accumulated in the card for three days from today to 200% and use it.

Details are as below.
TSUKUMO eX. - Bargain Item Information - eX Card Point 200% Conversion Sale

On February 13 (Fri), February 14 (Sat), February 15 (Sun) only, payment at stores such as Tsukumo personal computer main store, ex store, Namba store, Nagoya 1 store, Sapporo station front shop etc. Sometimes eX. Card points If you use it you can use the points on hand at 200% conversion. If you have 10,000 points, you can use it as equivalent to 20,000 yen.

Target items are new items, outlets, secondhand items, etc. All items in stock at Tsukumo shop. If the converted point exceeds the main body price, it will be used up to the main unit price. Unfortunately, net shops are not covered, but it is okay for someone who has Tsukumo's point to use this opportunity.

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