Developed a "car that does not conflict" at the time Nissan exits intersection, adjacent lane, parking lot, etc., to the world first public

Nissan Motor "Red light alarm"Line-of-sight alarm"Side vehicle alarm"Infrastructure coordinated intelligent cruise controlExperimental vehicles that support safe driving at intersections by utilizing the four technologies of self-supporting type ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) By colliding with surrounding cars "Prototype vehicle with omnidirectional driving support systemWe will announce two kinds of "ITS World Congress of the 15th" to be held in New York.

I am anxious personally as I am not good at driving, but what kind of technology is it?

Details are as below.
Nissan Motor exhibited experimental cars that evolved "bumping car" at the 15th ITS World Congress

This is "Infrastructure coordinated type ITS experiment vehicle"

By research and development of a system that utilizes technology of communicating with road facilities and surrounding vehicles and a system using high precision position detection technology by GPS, it is said that it is finished as "a car that does not hit" even under the environment where the driver does not notice at the intersection.

The four application details that support safe driving at the intersection are as follows.

· Red alarm warning (Signal Violation Warning)
When approaching the intersection of the red light, issue an alarm when the driver does not properly start the deceleration operation. By detecting the exact distance to the intersection and the driving lane, it is possible to make an alarm based on the signal information of the lane where the vehicle is traveling.

· Oncoming Traffic Notification
Notify the driver of the vehicle that is going to turn left at the intersection that the oncoming vehicle approaches.

· Cross Traffic Notification
Notify the driver of the vehicle that is going to crossroad with no traffic light from the non-priority road to inform the existence of vehicles approaching from the left and right.

· Infrastructure Cooperative Intelligent Cruise Control (Cooperative ICC)
In addition to the conventional intelligent cruise control (ICC), the function to automatically stop at the stop line when the forward signal is red.

The system configuration chart looks something like this

Apart from this, the independent ITS also carries the latest technology to realize the "car that does not collide" with the surrounding car "Prototype vehicle with omnidirectional driving support systemThe driver assistance system at the time of recession announced in AugustBackup collision prevention) For the first time in the world.

This is an illustration of the function of the system

The system configuration looks something like this

As for what kind of mechanism it is trying not to hit, "Side Collision PreventionIn the case of

That is, when the driver detects the vehicle in the adjacent lane with the side sensor installed at the rear side of the vehicle and the driver starts the lane change when the vehicle is present in the adjacent lane, the driver and the sound alert the driver, and at the same time, By individually controlling the brakes, the yaw moment (turning force of the vehicle) is generated, and the driver's driving operation is supported so as not to approach the adjacent vehicle.

"Backup collision preventionIn this case it will be like this.

Detecting obstacles in the surroundings by rear sensors and side sensors installed at the rear of the vehicle and detecting obstacles approaching at the time of backward movement such as when leaving the parking lot backwards, control the brake along with the alarm so as not to approach the obstacle A mechanism that supports driver's driving operation. It certainly is safe if the kore works properly.

I am wondering when the car equipped with these functions will be released around, but how much will it cost?

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