"International auto aftermarket 2015" which can be mentioned as a more convenient future technology of automobiles

Automobiles, the ultimate high-tech industry, are expected to be more convenient due to the development of IT technology. "International Auto After Market" is an event that touches technologies that lead to the environment and infrastructure surrounding such future cars. This is the 13th "International Auto Aftermarket 2015"I have checked automobile-related IT technology.

International Auto Aftermarket EXPO ~ The 13th International Auto Aftermarket EXPO 2015 ~

Arrived at Tokyo Big Site.

The International Auto Aftermarket EXPO 2015 was held from 11th to 13th March 2015.

I will enter the exhibition booth of the West Hall immediately.

◆ Locust Co., Ltd.
First of allLocust Co., Ltd.(INAGO)From the booth.

INAGO exhibits a cloud platform that realizes "natural conversation and interaction" with voice assistants like Siri and Cortana. A general voice assistant is just a tool to answer questions, but iNAGO recognizes the context of the question, understands exactly what "is being asked now", and simply responds to the order It is possible to make proposals and do "dialogue" instead of.

This technology was utilized for free Android application "Mia"is.

Mia (Mia) | Spoken Dialogue Assistant - Android application on Google Play

You can understand in a single shot what kind of dialogue assistant 'mia' talks and helps the search by seeing the following movie.

Talking to mia (Mia) while searching for a restaurant like this - YouTube

After having a favorite shop suggested, if you use the navigation function of Google Maps, the search in the middle of the drive will also be very successful.

Of course, mia also has a "drive mode" for in-vehicle use.

Search music in drive mode of mia - YouTube

INAGO has provided mia as an engine for characters of a counterpart brand character and has already been adopted by Kei Opticom, Yamada Electric Character, and others.

◆ NTT DoCoMo
Next is a booth at NTT Docomo. DoCoMo is also focusing on developing in-vehicle mobile communication terminals.

This is currently under development "Mirror telematics terminal". You can display smartphone and in-vehicle terminal information in the mirror.

The terminal is made by Pioneer. It is a clear mobile communication terminal that can communicate by inserting a SIM card.

This is an application that supports smartphones to record driving characteristics of drivers and to ensure safe driving.

Automotive module for detecting driving characteristics of users "Communication type OBD terminalThis shape.

The top and bottom represent forward and backward G, that is, the data of brake and acceleration. Since the driver of this example has a point concentrating downward from the intersection of the graph, it is visualized that it often tends to rapidly accelerate.

this is"Portable SIM". It can send and receive information without replacing it like a SIM card that manages information on communication terminals such as smartphones now.

If you install a portable SIM receiver on the right of the car navigation screen ... ...

It is possible to hand over information to Navi by touch operation. For example, if you stick the registration information of the destination saved in the cloud with SIM, you can customize Navi of another person's car to your own specification, so it seems that it can be applied to car sharing etc.

Mercedes · Benz
Mercedes · Benz "DISTRONIC PLUS"The latest radar safety system is exhibited.

You can see how DISTTRONIC PLUS works by looking at the following movie.

Automatic tracking of vehicles ahead with Mercedes-Benz's DISTRONIC PLUS - YouTube

Firm tracking of the previous vehicle.

It corresponds to a sudden braking.

Destronic plus is realized with radar in Three Point Ted Star.

Also, the camera mounted on the windshield detects the "white line" on the road. If you cross the lane, we will warn you by slightly vibrating the steering wheel (steering wheel). If the driver does not respond to warnings, he will try to return to the lane with automatic correction brake.

In addition, the rear bumper sensor detects vehicles approaching from behind. When a car entering the blind spot area approaches, it will alert you with an indicator lamp built in the door mirror.

◆ Toyota Motor Corporation
Arrived at the Toyota booth.

"Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)"Cooperative Driving Assistance System" utilizing technology was exhibited.

This system tells the driver that the driver is hard to find such as a vehicle approaching from the front when turning right and a pedestrian crossing a crosswalk using the wireless device installed at the intersection. It is already introduced in Aichi Prefecture and demonstration experiment is being carried out.

Other than that, there is a red light in front ......

We will also notify you of the approach of emergency vehicles.

Furthermore, communication between cars is carried out, keeping constant distance by perfectly grasping the acceleration / deceleration of the preceding vehicleCommunication use type radar cruise controlAlso exhibited.

The power of communication-based radar cruise control can be confirmed in the following movie.

Communications-based radar cruise control - YouTube

In the communication-based radar cruise control system, traveling data of the preceding vehicle is shared with the following vehicle.

This realized perfect cooperation.

Rendezvous traveling as if it were connected was made possible.

In the radar cruise control (top), which uses the mainstream millimeter wave, it was inevitable that a time lag occurred in responding to the sudden braking of the preceding vehicle.

The radar cruise control system (bottom) of the communication use type can keep keeping a stable inter-vehicle distance against the radar cruise control (upper) which will cause the distance between vehicles to widen due to the time lag.

Toyota is also studying the utilization of big data as well as other companies.

The red dot on the mapABSThe point at which it worked. Such a point seems to have an external environmental factor that imposes an emergency braking, and Toyota checks these points with the administration and identifies the cause and improves it, It is said that they are doing steady activities of "Tsumeru".

Having a huge booth and having funNAVITIME.

IOS application "specialized in displaying traffic jam information instead of navigation"Traffic information map"

Traffic information map for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad currently on the iTunes App Store by NAVITIME - Real-time traffic conditions on expressway

Usability of the traffic jam information map that can check the traffic congested road and live camera image is like this.

Confirmation of congestion information and live camera image in "congestion information map" - YouTube

This is a "Connecting meterThe function to display the information of the smartphone application in the meter, saying that. It is a joint development product with Nippon Seiki of meter share top.

Bluetooth is used for communication. It will also be audio and vehicle information, as well as a back monitor.

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