Demonstration demonstration of "Android Auto" for cars will be showcased at Google I / O 2014 venue

Google held for developersGoogle I / O 2014In the keynote of the car, Android platform "Android Auto" for automotive was announced, demonstration of actual machine demonstration was brought in bringing the driver's seat of the real car.

Google I / O 2014 - Keynote - YouTube

Android Auto is a platform that connects smartphones and vehicles and can use navigation, communication, music players in a form specialized for vehicles.

Navigation using Google Maps is of course also ...

It is also possible to play music.

As it is specialized for in-car use, of course, most of the operation can be done by voice.

In the keynote, we demonstrated using actual equipment.

Destination candidates displayed by category are like the screen itself of the car navigation system.

Just saying "Please navigate to the De Young Art Museum" by voice ......

"We will start the guide", navigation has started.

The screen during navigation looks something like this. I think that many people use smartphones instead of navigation, but the arrows and others seem to be displayed more clearly.

Moreover, it also reproduces the appearance of sending and receiving mail without basically looking at the screen at all. Mail arrival → Play by voice → Create message with "reply" → enter body text by voice → send, all the flow of completion is demonstrated to complete without removing the hand from the hand.

The Android Auto SDK will also be released for developers soon. First of all, the complete SDK of the audio function and mail function is released.

It corresponds to services of various genres such as streaming and net radio.

The SDK for e-mail is basically the same as Android Wear, and it is possible to use powerful speech recognition capability etc.

It is an organization promoting the installation of the Android platform to the carOpen Automotive AllianceMore than 40 new automakers have agreed to support it.

It is said that 25 companies already have a contract for Android Auto equipped vehicles and it is decided that the first model will start running on the public road in 2014.

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