Volvo's new technology that allows unmanned vehicles to search for vacant spaces and park them in cooperation with smartphones

Google's fully automated driving car (self driving car)YaAutomatic driving car system that can be realized by the high school student designed at 400,000 yen"Automobiles that you do not need to drive by yourself" that was the thing of the SF world are getting closer and closer to reality, but Volvo cooperates with smartphones and searches for free space and performs parking "Automatic parking system" Announced a concept car incorporating the concept car.

Volvo Cars of North America Media Newsroom

The mechanism of the automatic parking system and how the car automatically carries out the automatic parking can be seen from the following movie.

Volvo Cars - Autonomous Parking Concept - YouTube

Volvo's automatic parking system feels as follows. First, stop the car in the private space at the entrance of the parking lot.

I get off the car.

Launch the smartphone application and tap the parking button.

Then the car switched to automatic operation mode.

After that, the car automatically moves to the parking lot, finds the vacant space and parks it.

When parking is completed, this will be notified to the smartphone.

Conversely, when you want to take a car out of the parking lot and get on, tap the button of the application first.

You can call the car.

When you are standing in the place you got off the car will come, so you can just get in after you get in.

The state of the car actually looking for vacant space automatically is here.

The steering wheel moves freely with Kurukuru.

Arrive in the target space.

Even if the space is narrow it is possible to park smoothly.

After batting with other cars, I will sense it with a sensor and stop it properly.

Even if the child jumped out from the side, it stopped.

Volvo is aiming to take leadership in the field of automatic driving cars, and this automatic parking technology is one of the development plans of automatic driving cars. Thomas Broberg of Volvo said, "Finding vacant spaces in the parking lot is a time-consuming task, but automatic parking frees the driver from this task, the driver gets off the car at the entrance of the parking lot and later I just have to come and get it in the same place. "

Two technologies are used for automatic parking. One is that a transmitter is attached to the parking facility and a notice is sent to the driver when the service is available. When the driver activates the automatic parking function using the mobile phone and descends from the car, the sensor attached to the car will guide the car to the vacant space afterwards.

Although this technology is still under development, Volvo XC 90 scheduled to be released at the end of FY 2014 will be equipped with this automatic parking function.

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