NVIDIA Introduces DRIVE AP2X, the World's Most Complete 'Level 2+' Automated Driving Platform

At the technology conference '

GPU Technology Conference 2019 (GTC 2019) ', NVIDIA announced the release of the platform ' DRIVE AP2X ' that enables full level 2+ automatic driving. At the event, there were also presentations on collaborations that developed the relationship with Toyota and on the autonomous driving simulation platform ' NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation '.

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Introducing DRIVE AP2X Complete Level 2+ Platform | NVIDIA Blog


' DRIVE AP2X ' is an autonomous operation solution that includes an autonomous operation platform ' DRIVE AutoPilot ' commercialized starting in January 2019, hardware ' NVIDIA DRIVE AGX ' for autonomous operation, a verification tool, etc. There are stages from automatic driving to level 1 which controls the vehicle such as 'automatic braking' and 'does not go out of the lane' to level 5 where the system handles all driving tasks, and DRIVE AutoPilot functions of level 1 It is a system equivalent to 'Level 2 +' that has been enhanced in combination.

Scheduled to be released in the next quarter, DRIVE AP2X 9.0 will include additional deep neural networks (DNNs), face recognition capabilities, and additional sensor integration options.

NVIDIA Introduces DRIVE AV Safety Force Field: Computational Defensive Driving Policy to Shield Autonomous Vehicles from Collisions | NVIDIA Newsroom

The company also announced the enhancement of the DRIVE AV software suite for autonomous vehicles. A series of actions to analyze and predict changes in the car's surrounding environment, and protect vehicles and other road users, in order to overcome the current situation that approximately 94% of traffic accidents are caused by human error. It incorporates the 'Safety Force Field' component that determines the

NVIDIA and TRI-AD Collaborate to Achieve Safer Automatic Driving | NVIDIA

In addition, it has become clear that the company will collaborate with Toyota Research Institute Advanced Development (TRI-AD), a research institute that Toyota has established, in development, learning and verification of autonomous vehicles.

This is a further development of the partnership in the field of autonomous driving that NVIDIA has been working with Toyota Motor. Within a few years, Toyota aims at using AI computing infrastructure that utilizes NVIDIA's GPU, utilization of the autonomous driving simulation platform ' NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation ', and automotive computer based on 'NVIDIA DRIVE AGX' Market launch of self-driving cars.

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