Google partnered with Honda, Audi, GM, etc. to develop Android-equipped vehicles and set up a new organization

ByRandy Lemoine

Google, which stands out for the development of automatic driving cars starting in 2009, is a prominent move targeting the automobile industry, with automobile manufacturers General Motors (GM), Audi, Honda Motor Co. (Honda), Hyundai, and semiconductor manufacturer NVIDIA Cooperate and "Open Automotive Alliance"We established a new organization called. The Open Automotive Alliance aims to integrate Google's Android with the car and to provide safer car lifestyles.

Open Automotive Alliance

Open Automotive Alliance says, "Installing the Android platform in the car, making the technology in the car safer and more intuitive", utilizing the openness and customizability of Android, which boasts the top share of OS share of smartphone We aim to further develop the automobile industry.

As part of the plan, the Open Automotive Alliance installed Android by the end of 2014Connected carWe are planning to undertake the development of the company, and since 2014 we announced that we will increase participating companies in the same group and strive for further technology development. Regarding the safety of cars equipped with the Android platform, the Open Automotive Alliance is already under discussion with the National Road Traffic Safety Administration in the US.

ByMike Sullivan

System where Apple supports Siri driver while driving a car "Eyes Free"Announced in 2012, and Ford introduced an in-vehicle connecting system using Microsoft technology"SYNC"Was launched in 2007, and in 2014 the new version"SYNC AppLinkNot only Google but other IT companies are focusing on entering the automobile industry, such as publishing.

Automobile manufacturers do not partner with one IT company, for example, Honda has evolved Apple's Eyes Free "IOS in the CarIt seems that they are trying to develop technology combining hands with multiple IT companies, such as planning to correspond to.

Besides connected cars, Google is focusing on the development of automatic driving cars, and the establishment of the Open Automotive Alliance may have some influence on automatic driving car development as well.

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