Volvo's automatic driving car engineer Iwaku, Tesla's technology is "automatic driving"

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Prior to "Automatic Driving Car (Autonomous Driving Vehicle)" which development is advanced all over the world, Tesla of the EV maker updates the software of "Model S" in October 2015Automatic operation functionWe are debuting on vehicles for general purpose. In other words, Tesla of the late-breaking manufacturer to take away the stock of the existing automaker, the time has come to take the era, Volvo's engineer who is similarly developing the automatic driving vehicle is concerned about Tesla's autonomous driving technique "Wannabe(Wannaby: ~ Petty) ".

Volvo autonomous car engineer calls Tesla's Autopilot a 'wannabe' | The Verge

This remark told in the interview of The Verge by Trent Victor who is a senior technical leader related to accident avoidance at Volvo. Mr. Victor pointed out that Tesla is giving the impression that it is operating better than the actual appearance about the automatic driving function that is currently being released, and "Unsupervised wannabe" It is said that it is. The Verge expresses this as "Tesla is trying to make a semi-automatic driving car that looks like automatic driving".

Even if it says "automatic driving" to one person, there are various stages in the technology, and the Japanese government and the US Department of Transportation Road Traffic Safety Bureau have set the level of automatic driving to five levels from 0 to 4I'm defining it.. Tesla has announced that the system performs multiple operations among acceleration, steering, and braking about its own automatic driving technology and belongs to "level 2" where driver monitoring is required, which is called "adaptive · Cruise control "and it corresponds to the same standard.

On the other hand, "Automatic driving" considered by experts in the automobile industry is said to be equivalent to "Level 3", which is one level higher. For vehicles belonging to this level, the system automatically performs acceleration, steering and braking, and the driver responds when the system requests it. While the operation at normal times is done by the system, it is this level characteristic that drivers need to appear, and responsibility for driving exists in human drivers.

According to Mr. Victor, Volvo considers that the driver is always in a waiting state and that "Level 3" which needs to take over driving when necessary is not safe. Even at level 3, although the driver is nominally responsible for the driving of the vehicle, driver's consciousness deviates from driving due to the fact that level 3 automatic operation is actually carried out, and e-mail exchange and movie It is the reason that it is not safe to be in a state to concentrate on appreciation. Volvo said about this subject, "It is important to make the driver feel a clear difference between the semi-automatic operation mode that requires monitoring of the driver and the automatic operation that does not require surveillance," he said in a halfway condition It shows the importance of not leaving the driver behind.

Such Volvo is planning to start a public road experiment using a vehicle equivalent to "level 4" in 2016. In the case of vehicles at this level, in addition to being able to operate automatically, it is possible to automatically respond to every occurrence occurring on the street. Therefore, passengers are totally released from driving. Even if a problem arises in which something can not be continued, the vehicle is programmed to automatically stop at a safe place.

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As a way of thinking for an automated driving vehicle, Volvo is responsible for vehicles even if the driver does not take over driving, falls asleep, or is crazy about a movie.Our vehicle is responsible for something Even if it happens, I will not suddenly cancel the automatic operation mode, we will continue to keep the vehicle responsible for safety and will take care of until we stop the vehicle in a safe place. "

The difference between the two seems to be said to reflect the policy of the company as it is. Tesla considers the driver to be able to assume the responsibility even when something goes wrong and conversely the Volvo thinks of a mechanism that will not be held in a position to assume the responsibility even if the automatic driving car causes an accident It is said that.

Even if you take one "automatic driving car", you can catch a glimpse of the fact that there are differences in thought by each manufacturer, but in the future it will be said that they will be treated as "differences in thinking" It may not be there. The National Road Traffic Safety Authority (NHTSA) in the United States is promoting the creation of new rules by gathering opinions from various fields towards the era of future automated driving car dissemination. Various developments are going to happen in the future for the public road debut of the automatic driving car, which is also said to be the year 2020.

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