A representative of a lobby group founded by Ford, Google, Uber and others talks about legal maintenance of an automatic driving car

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Five of automakers Ford, Volvo, and five companies, Google, Uber and Lyft, who are developing automated driving cars jointly established a lobby organization to encourage governments to coordinate laws related to automatic driving cars (self driving cars) Did. The lobby group is "Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets"David Strickland, who was a lawyer and representative of NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Bureau) as representative, is greeted as a representative," The most important lobby activist in the automatic driving car industry Mr. Strickland talks about future prospects and so on.

Meet the self-driving car industry's most important lobbyist | The Verge

Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets established by five companies developing automatic driving cars is a lobbying organization aimed at encouraging the government to engage in policy decisions on automatic driving cars. The fact that each company individually appeals to the government and parliament the safety and performance of the automatic driving car may cause duplications. Therefore, by cooperating with companies developing the technology of automatic driving cars, it is possible to promptly create new bills on automatic driving cars and request improvement of rules that hinder technological development.

Mr. David Strickland, who will represent the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets, said, "Automatic driving technology will soon be realized, my job is to make people expect this technology to succeed It is to preach, to have people understand that they can benefit widely, "to The Verge.

The National Highway Traffic Safety AdministrationLevel 0 to Level 4 5 stagesLevel 4 refers to the state where you can travel safely on the road without borrowing from human hands. Mr. Strickland aims to be able to legally run the Level 4 automatic driving car. In order for a fully autonomous car to run on the public road, it is expected that the legislation of a new law and the adjustment of some laws will be necessary. The US Department of Transportation also collects ideas on the regulations of automatic driving cars and guarantees that it will not hinder the development of innovation as much as possible.

Meanwhile, Strickland expects "There are plenty of possibility that automatic driving cars will be regulated by some states," because state laws vary from state to state in the United States. There are skeptics about the public use of the automatic driving car, but Mr. Strickland said "Our group will be the tip of Yari to technically prove that the automatic driving car is safe," It is.

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