Tesla releases a safety report, Autopilot reduces accident occurrence rate by 70% or more

On October 4, 2018, Tesla announced the safety report " Vehicle Safety Report " of Q3 (July to September) in 2018. Among them, in Tesla's semi-automatic operation system "Autopilot" mode, it is clarified that the accident occurrence rate is 70% or more lower than in normal operation.

Q3 2018 Vehicle Safety Report | Tesla

Tesla decided to periodically release data on the safety of Tesla vehicles in early 2018. Since Tesla vehicles are equipped with various sensors based telemetry systems unlike general cars, we collect data on accidents and other accidents and reflect that information in software updates It is an attempt to publish summary data every fixed period.

In the data report of 2018 Q3, Tesla announced that the total mileage required per accident in the state where the driver turned on Autopilot mode in the past year is 3.33 million miles (about 5.4 million kilometers) I will. And in the state where the driver who turned off the Autopilot operates normally, since the mileage per accident is 1.92 million miles (about 3.1 million kilometers), about 74% accident in semi-automatic operation by Autopilot mode Calculation will be less proportion. Data exceeding the result of "traditional" to reduce accidents by 40% or more "has come out.

The Tesla autopilot has no defects, rather it reduces the accident by 40% - the result of GIGAZINE

By the way, according to the Department of Transportation Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), since the whole car in the United States has a mileage of 492,000 miles (about 790,000 kilometers) per accident, Tesla vehicles can be used for general vehicles It is about 4 times safer than Autopilot mode, about 7 times safer when using Autopilot mode.

However, in Tesla's report, it is pointed out that what kind of accident "accident" in "travel distance per accident" does not have been clarified. Since conditions are not specified, it is unclear whether it is reasonable to directly compare with NHTSA number.

Tesla's first Autopilot safety report is short on details - The Verge

Indeed, on the same day as Tesla's Safety Report 2018 Q3 edition, Consumer Reports announced the results of safety testing of an advanced driving support system including Tesla, Autopilot announced that GM's system "Super Cruise "in the second place.

What is the safety that the Consumer Report evaluates and demands the performance of Tesla / Nissan / Volvo / GM semi-automatic operation system? - GIGAZINE

Not only testing by third parties, but also publishing data at our company is desirable as an initiative to encourage self improvement. Tesla continues to disclose the safety report in the future.

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