Formula E holds "robot race" which unmanned artificial intelligence battle battle

Motor sports competing in the world's fastest electric vehicle (EV) started from 2014FIA Formula E Championship"Is a new race" unmanned "competing the world's fastest machine"ROBORACE (Robo Race)We announced that we will hold.

Formula E & amp; Kinetik announce driverless support series - Official FIA Formula E Championship

As its name suggests, RoboRace is a "race where robots fight as drivers", artificial intelligence steers machines on behalf of human drivers. Ten teams will bring two machines to each race, and the EV machine itself as hardware will become a unified standard one-men race, each team will develop software which is the artificial intelligence part corresponding to the driver independently It's style. It is expected that the race itself will be contested in about one hour, so it is expected to be a relatively short-term decisive battle as in Formula E, but the maximum speed is assumed to be 300 km / h, and the current formula E fighting the 2015-2016 season It seems to be superior at the top speed than the machine.

Speaking of circuit driving by artificial intelligence, alreadyAudi's automatic car "Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept" shows the circuit running at the maximum speed of 240 km / hHowever, because Robo Race is required not to run alone but to machine control while judging the situation properly at any time on the course where multiple machines run, the difficulty is compared with the independent run of the circuit Not even. Naturally, because overtaking requires advanced judgment, the skill of AI developers seems to be questioned heavily.

Robo Race is carried out in the form of banding on Formula E Series as a support series of Formula E and will start in the 2016-2017 season two years after. Kinetik's Dennis Sverdorf, CEO of RoboRace with FIA, said: "We believe that in the future automobiles around the world will move with the power of AI and electricity, which dramatically improves the environment and safety We are expecting that RoboRace will be a place for innovative technology development to bring robot technology and AI technology to practical use in the real world, "said Robo Race's real automated driving I am talking about the significance and purpose of the race to be fed back to the car.

The fact that Formula E, which has already gained popularity due to the battle that goes into the second season and develops a battle over F1, is greatly different from the existing race such as sound and smell can be understood by watching the following movie I will.

Formula E offers all the speed without the side effects | The Quietest Race in the World - YouTube

Also, the exciting race of Formula E where quietness and hot battle is spreading can be understood well in the following 360 degree Official Movie.

360 ° Video: Incredible Beijing Race Start Onboard - YouTube

Regarding RoboRace, details are not yet clarified, such as what kind of EV is adopted for one-maker machines simply by being carried out with the race hosting Formula E. Whether quiet, cool and hot battle over Formula E can be realized with unmanned robot race, expectation will be greatly increased in the opening game after two years.

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