Takuma Sato went to Beijing in the opening game of the electric F - 1 "Formula E" which emergency participation in the war

Finally compete for the world's fastest EV car (electric car) with electric formula car "Formula E ChampionshipWill start tomorrow, September 13, 2014 (Saturday) in Beijing, China. Formula E that gains driving power with a motor rather than a gasoline engine is a new clean and environmentally friendly new motor sports because it does not emit exhaust emissions unless there are high-pitched exhaust notes. I have seen the state just before the opening of the new generation race in Beijing on the spot.

Formula E - Official FIA Formula E Championship

The Formula E opening race will be held around the Olympic Park (National Stadium) in Beijing.

Arrived at the D exit of Subway Line 8 "Okubayashi Katsu Park Station" on September 12, 2014 on local time.

It is the national stadium (known as the bird's nest) that can be seen far away

A strange shaped building.

As I walked toward the bird 's nest, I saw the national stadium north way ahead.

However, the main road is surrounded by a fence and can not go to the Olympic park.

Notice of road blockade.

Formula E is not a conventional engine car such as F1, but a motor sports by EV car (electric car), so no sharp engine sound. Therefore, all the races will be held in an urban area course using public roads.

A person who works hard with a fence.

If you look closely, you finish the fence in the course. I have not got 24 hours until the race ....

An artificial pond with a dragon shape on the east side of the bird's nest. A formula E machine runs alongside this pond.

I saw MICHELIN's sign and realized that it was finally a race course.

Course Marshall does not have a pity on final check.

Beijing people are also curiously looking into urban courses. This is the 19th corner located in the northeast of the course. The north side of the course looks like this and you can see the state of the race without tickets.

Then moved to the south side of the urban course. Arrived at Subway Line 8 "Okinawa Center (Olympic Sports Center) Station".

Is there something entertaining, the plaza is crowded with people.

However, the Olympic park is closed for Formula E to be held.

I went through to see Formula E 's machine.

It is a big square, but few people.

Beijing Olympic mascot.

Below the Ancheol Bridge, it is the North Pacific East Road.

A bird 's nest is approaching. It is big.

Go through the gate and go underground.

The escalator is also closed with a fence.

Atmosphere that guards are under guard and it was pretty nervous.

When I passed under the dark road, the light appeared.

I will go up to the ground.

The state of the east side of the strange building that I saw earlier is like this.

Bird's nest in the north.

Overcoming the fence is a complex chican of the 13th corner from the cranked 10th corner. It is quite tight.

As you can see on the road sign, this is usually a public road.

Marshall is also on standby. We are preparing for the test run scheduled to begin at 3:30 pm.

The crew of the TV camera moved on the Segway. It is a perfect vehicle for moving inside the vast course.

We have time to visit the bird's nest until test driving begins.

A huge building that can not fit in the camera.

Dull color gives overwhelming presence.

Looking carefully and under repair.

Compared with the back building, you can see the huge.

For those who love the factory it is a dirty mechanism.

But when you look closer, it is getting tangled as it is.

It seems that light is also a nest of birds.

In addition, the national stadium usually can see the inside with an entrance fee of 50 yuan (about 900 yen).

After Subaru Forrester's check run three laps, a hybrid car that will serve as a safety carBMW i8Started running. It seems that the test will be held yesterday.

The motoring sound of Queen and the skill sound of the tire were raised and the Formula E machine began running on a narrow course.

You can see how the Formula E machine reminiscent of a huge radio control runs through a cranky chicane in the following movie.

World's First Experience, Formula E Opening Ceremony · Taking a picture of the day before the Beijing race from the course side Girigiri - YouTube

E. Dams RenaultofNicholas Prost. My father ranked number two in history with a total of 51 victories in the Formula 1 round and won the world champion 4 timesAlain Prost.

Also of e.Dams RenaultSebastian Buemi. Formula E has only "Spark · Renault SRT 01E"It is a one-make race.

China RacingofHo Ping TongThe Chinese Dutch.

Audi Sports ABTDaniel Abpt. Dad is team owner Hans Jürgen Abpt.

Virgin RacingSam Bird

A black machineVenturi. Leonardo DiCaprio is a co-founder of the team. The driver is a former F1 racerNick Heidfeld.

AndrettiThe owner ofMario AndrettiOf the eldest sonMichael Andretti. The Andretti family also aims at FE domination following F1 · Indy · CART.

Ayrton SennaOf a nephewBruno SennaHe also participated in Mahindra Racing.

Dragon RacingofJerome · Dumbrosio

Jarno TrulliShe leads the team himself and enters Formula E.

Mahindra RacingOf "Running Maharaja"Karun Chandoc.

Three times F1 championNelson · PiquetHaving a fatherNelson · Piquet Jr.

Oriol Serbia of Dragon Racing

Andretti'sCharles Pick

of courseAmrin AgriCar number 55 and Takuma Sato, who decided to participate in a lightning raid, also ran on.

Discover Takuma Sato running Formula M E. Opening match · Before the day before Beijing - YouTube

In Formula E, three drivers who gathered more support with SNS called "Fan Boost" have introduced a system in which 3 times maximum output 180 kw (243 bhp) can be used within a race once in a race. Fan Boost's vote is accepted until 16:00 one hour before the start of the race. People who say "I would like to support the Japanese driver Takuma Sato!" Could vote for the top 3 people in the top if I vote from the bottom page ......

Official FIA Formula E - FanBoost - Be part of the e - volution

For Formula E, the race finals began at 17 o'clock on September 13, 2014 (local time 16 o'clock) tomorrow. The state of the test running is BS Asahi from 11:00 am to noon, the state of the qualification race is from 12:45 to 14:15 on CS Terence Dynamite Channel 1, the appearance of the final race from 16:45 to 18:00 TV Asahi Series It is scheduled to be broadcast on the ground channel of 18 and 19 o'clock on BS Asahi.

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The world's first electric F1 "Formula E" Beijing started, quick appearance of the race Repo - GIGAZINE

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