September 2014 "Formula E" race cars demonstration run at the CES venue

Demonstration run of the race vehicle used for 'Formula E' where the series starts from September 2014CES 2014It was showcased in. alreadyTokyo Motor Show 2014Although it is a machine of Formula E that was also exhibited at the venue etc., the announcement at this CES venue is official 'first public release'.

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The electric grand prix: the world's first Formula E car packs a punch | The Verge

Part of the demonstration run is published on YouTube.

The first formula E electric race car - YouTube

Machine which unveiled and official debut was doneSpark-Renault SRT_ 01 E

In the parking lot installed, the former F1 driverLucas Di GrassiDemonstration runs were carried out.

Because this machine uses electricity to drive the motor without using the engine, we can not hear the explosive sound peculiar to the conventional racing machine, it can only hear the sound of a high motor. If you say, "It's a full-size radio controlled car".

Although it is a motor, power is about 180 horsepower in normal mode, and temporarily reaches 270 horsepower in the "push-to-pass" mode used when overtaking. As a racing car, although it is power which can also be said to be mediocre, sometimes it is a light car body, there is a flashy tire and it is flashyDonut turnAlso show off. Since the time that can run with the installed battery is 20 minutes, the same machine is prepared at the time of racing, and the driver has become a way of carrying the race to change the machine on the way and aim for the goal.

Looking at the machine from the front like this. Basically it is a style that contemporates the flow of the formula machine, but because the tires use all-weather tires Michelin offers in one make, tires with grooves are supposed to be used even in dry conditions .

Is it attached to the monocoque laterally as a combination of a straightening plate for rectifying the air and a side impact bar for protecting the driver from a crash from the side direction?

As a result of the optimization of the power of the motor, it is equipped with a rear wing which is composed of a very simple aspect compared with the F1 machine and so on. The upper element which creates downforce as the main is 2 type.

And this is a front wing that extends from the front nose. Very small elements are attached. For F1 machines it is only as big as being used as an "auxiliary element".

The driver's seat does not change significantly from other formula machines, but if you look closely it will make the steering column extending from the meters and the steering wheel simple.

It can be confirmed that a flap for rectifying the flow of air is also installed in front of the rear tire.

"FIA Formula E Championship" using this machine will be held 10 races starting from the opening game on September 13, 2014 in Beijing, China and will end the season's final race in London, England in June 2015 It is a schedule. From Japan, "Super Aguri" who had previously appeared in Formula One Grand Prix revived and "Super Aguri Formula E Team"It is supposed to participate as a fight. Formerly F1 driver for machine developmentTakuma SatoThere are voices that are expected as regular drivers for the season. Another team will also participate in the "Venturi Grand Prix Formula E Team" co-founded by the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

In Japan, the series of TV Asahi will be relaying the series all the bouts starting from September 2014.

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Full coverage from official exercises to preliminaries and finals in terrestrial, BS, CS 3 wave unity comprehensive organization! (Details will be announced before the opening of September next year)

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